Give the Gift of Joy

What a JOY to watch a child’s face light up in amazement when they open a personal letter from Santa Claus! See their delight as they find their name on Santa Claus’ “GOOD LIST” Capture the Christmas magic and a child's imagination as they read the words of the Jolly one himself!


Welcome to Santa Claus’ Home.

We offer a real letter from Santa Claus to your child.

A letter from Santa Claus will make children who believe, smile with joyous disbelief. A real letter from Santa Claus!

And for those children who are doubting that Santa Claus is real, it is a fantastic way to reignite the spirit and tradition of Christmas, in your home and in their hearts!

Watch your child's face as they open a letter from Santa Claus and capture that wonderous expression that will live in your memory forever.

Santa Claus letters are not for children only. Sometimes adults need a reason to believe again and to bring back that wonderful and joyous feeling of Christmas and the traditions that they grew up with.

Add their personal information to make it a magical and wonderful experience for every boy and girl, and grown-ups too!

It’s a fun and happy gift for friends and family, for the young and the young at heart. Let them still believe that Santa Claus is real.

Guaranteed to put a smile on every face this Christmas.

Order one for the whole family.

Send Santa's Letter to a Friend!

Share the joy of the Christmas season with a friend. Send the gift of a letter from Santa along with a personalized gift!